Supervising, monitoring and identification of the flora species in the Sogamoso Hydroelectric Power Plant

Cliente: Isagén



In the forestal protection area of 5207 hectares, that is part of the Topocoro reservoir, we developed studies of flora enrichment as well as the project ¨Supervising, monitoring and identification of flora species in the Sogamoso Hydroelectric Power Plant¨. This was through an establishment of 18 permanent monitoring parcels with the aim of evaluating the effectivity of the actions in the successional progress of the vegetation types located in the buffer area.

Additionally, the participatory ecological restoration activities were monitoring in the eight (8) tributaries of the Sogamoso river, located downstream of the dam, in order to evaluate the restoration efforts of the vegetation component. Finally, we are identifying the species found in the forestal protection area of the reservoir. This activity is implemented for the most representative ecosystems in the region that are the rain forest and the dry forest. This is a useful tool because it will be contributed to recognize the flora of this area.


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