Client: Ecopetrol



This project was supported by Ecopetrol, Conserva and Chimbilako foundations. During this research, we obtain the biophysical characterization of four micro-basins that represent the socio-ecosystems of the Xeridas plateau (Los Santos and Piedecuesta, Santander). This information allowed us to create a multi-scale model for glens restoration that is useful for the recovery and conservation of the inter-Andean tropical dry forest.

The implementation of the multi-scale model of restoration was carried out from 2014 to 2015 through planting approximately 27.000 individuals of 58 species, according to the restoration designs concerted with the owners of the 41 intervened hectares located along the Lajas and Totumera micro-basins. In addition, 105 roman arches were built in order to increase the infiltration rate, facilitate the recharge and improve the regeneration of the glens.


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