Client: Cemex



We have been working on the environmental management plan of the gypsum mines, which are a property of the enterprise Cemex Colombia SA. During this project, we have planted approximately 1200 trees and we are promoting a plant maintenance process in this area. The following zones are part of this project: San Francisco school (provides environmental education), El nacimiento, that is the source of water that provides this resource to La Laguna´s Aqueduct; and La Ceiba that provides water to la quebrada El Santo.

In April 2017, we initiated a planting of 1450 native trees in Paso Chico and Las Lomas, Los Santos, Santander. In general, the local community and MEEPZA participants are in charge of all the activities that are part of this project, such as making holes for sowing seeds, hydrogel use, transporting of materials, using of organic and chemical fertilizers, watering, wages, weeding, and maintenance.


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