In order to implement and promote a virtual education and distance learning that benefit the inhabitants of the rural zones in Los Santos, Santander, Guayacanal foundation and its social project MEEPZA – Energetic Efficient Model for the Arid Zones, are promoting a project that involves digital tools and traditional knowledge of the rural people who live in the zone.

This project, known as the “Intelligent room”, will have computers, free internet access and virtual training which are going to be useful in order to teach the rural people that the official education is not the only source of knowledge and learning.

The main objective of this project is to encourage rural people to increase their knowledge of agricultural practices because this will contribute to improve all the daily activities that they do on the farm. Therefore, they can include new methodologies that are important in order to improve their crops and their lifestyle.


Towards a virtual education in the rural area: the intelligent room for rural people in Los Santos, Santander.

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